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Welcome to Midlothian Country Club, a private country club located in Chicago’s southwest suburbs. We are happy that one of our members chose to bring you to our Club and we look forward to making your visit a memorable one.

 The following information is to aid you in preparing for your visit to Midlothian Country Club.

Upon arrival, please drive to the parking lot on the east end of the clubhouse building and follow signs to the Bag Drop. An attendant will take your clubs, and see that they are securely stored until you are ready to play.

You may park your vehicle anywhere in the parking lot or the attendant will assist you. Please take your shoes and other belongings with you. The attendant or front desk receptionist will direct you to the locker room to change your shoes or clothing.

Proper attire and non-metal spikes are required at all times. Proper golf course attire will include slacks, shorts of appropriate length (Bermuda or walking shorts), golf shirts, sweaters or jackets. Attire similar to that sold in our Golf Shop is considered appropriate attire throughout the clubhouse and on the course. Hats should be worn with brim facing forward. Shirts must be buttoned and tucked in at all times. Gentlemen should remove hats prior to entering the clubhouse. Bare feet are not permitted, nor is any attire which can be described as swim attire. Jogging shoes, cargo pants or cargo shorts, tee shirts, halter or tank tops, sweatshirts or sweatpants and warm-ups are not allowed. Sports and golfing attire in good taste, with or without jackets, is encouraged in the clubhouse. Casual attire for evening events, in most instances, does not include shorts. Jackets are preferred for some club events, i.e., Mother’s Day and Thanksgiving.

Appropriate denim/blue jeans will be allowed throughout the Clubhouse and at the Pool Complex.  Appropriate denim/blue jeans is defined as properly sized, in excellent condition and consistent in color. Country club appropriate denim does not include denim with holes or rips, frayed material, cut-offs, denim shorts, denim mini-skirts, work-type denim, bibs, painter pants, or jeans that are worn extremely low-cut or low-slung. Casual, tasteful and appropriate shirts and shoes must be worn. Shirts must be tucked in unless tailored for outside wear. At no time will denim/blue jeans be allowed in the Golf Shop.  This policy may be amended as necessary and will be strictly enforced.

A guest locker will be made available for you. Feel free to bring a change of clothes.

The Men's Locker Room is located on the first floor at the west end of the Clubhouse. The Ladies' Locker Room is located on the second floor.

During the golf season, locker rooms are staffed with a full-time manager and assistants. They will greet you, assign locker(s) and provide shoe service (cleaning, minor repairs, soft spikes if needed); furnish towels and shower facilities and provide any other assistance needed.

Midlothian Country Club assumes no responsibility for personal injury or property loss or damage resulting from the act of any member or guest while on Club property.